Welcome to the “THE MENISCUS” Congress 2025 in Berlin!

In 2010, “THE MENISCUS” embarked on its journey in Ghent, Belgium, under the visionary leadership of Rene Verdonk and Philippe Beaufils. It marked the inception of a pioneering congress dedicated solely to unraveling the complexities of the meniscus. From its humble beginnings, the congress aimed to bridge the gap in scientific discourse surrounding meniscus injuries and related surgical interventions, a field often overlooked in traditional medical gatherings. The inaugural event sought to galvanize international expertise and cultivate a platform for advancing knowledge on this intricate component of human anatomy.

After Versailles 2013, Porto 2016, Bologna 2019, and Luxembourg in 2022 we are very delighted to invite you to come to Berlin in 2025.

Berlin, a vibrant metropolis in the heart of Europe, provides the perfect backdrop for this year’s “THE MENISCUS” Congress. This city, renowned for its history, culture, and innovation, embodies the diversity and spirit of Europe, which is deeply intertwined with our congress.

We will continue the tradition of the congress while introducing numerous innovations. We are particularly excited to welcome South Korea and Japan as our international guest countries. The first one hosted the 1st THE MENISCUS Asian Summit in Asia in collaboration with the ‘Meniscus’ group, and the later one will host the next one at the end of 2025. Additionally, we will introduce a range of new features designed to provide delegates with a comprehensive and inspiring experience. From idea exchange and robust scientific contributions to opening to the public and fostering the next generation of orthopedic surgeons – “THE MENISCUS” Congress 2025 in Berlin promises to be a pinnacle of collaboration and advancement.

Prior to the main congress, there will be an ESSKA “All about meniscus” course, an exclusive hands-on workshop on cadavers, aimed at mastering surgical techniques pertinent to meniscus surgery hosted at the newly inaugurated facility of the renowned Anatomy of the Charité – University Medicine Berlin.

Additionally, there will be dedicated physiotherapy sessions tailored to address the rehabilitative aspects of meniscus injuries, further enriching our program, and ensuring comprehensive coverage of the subject matter.

We look forward to welcoming you all here in Berlin. Let us together deepen our understanding of the meniscus and shape the future of meniscus surgery.

Welcome to the “THE MENISCUS” Congress 2025 in Berlin!